Welcome to The Rock Law Firm

At The Rock Law Firm, our focus is to provide individualized attention to business problems arising from Workers’ Compensation matters. Mr. Rock has represented large employers, as well as small employers, and is always involved in every aspect of the investigation, litigation and resolution of claims.

The Rock Law Firm strives to reduce Workers’ Compensation costs by utilizing our core strengths; investigation, litigation, and education. We investigate thoroughly and we tirelessly work towards the resolution of litigated claims. Additionally, we provide educational seminars to employers.

Our approach is to help employers help themselves by reducing Workers’ Compensation headaches.

You could say that we leave no rock unturned.

Our Services

Litigation: Investigation and discovery for Workers’ Compensation cases. We represent the employer. We keep our clients out of trouble.

You can count on individual attention. If you call us, you will speak to Terry Rock, and you will not be transferred to a paralegal. We have handled 1000′s of cases involving injured workers. We have handled 100′s of medical issues. We are experienced yet accessible.

Education: Plain and simple. We offer informative seminars to assist our clients. This helps our clients protect themselves. A sampling of our seminars follows:

1) Spotting and Defending Fraudulent Workers’ Compensation Cases
2) Controlling Medical Costs in  Workers’ Compensation Cases
3) Fourteen Ways to Suspend Workers’ Compensation Income Benefits
4) Investigating & Litigating Workers’ Compensation Cases
5) Strategies For Limiting Exposure in Workers’ Compensation Cases
Problem Solving: Why open a case when it is not necessary? Some of our client’s problems do not require a case to be opened; it’s consultative problem solving. We can walk through the issues and provide legal opinions.

This is a difference our legal firm offers to our clients.

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