Is A Flat Rate Fee Structure Right For You?

The Rock Law Firm

Since what seems like the dawn of man (although realistically it’s really only been about 50 years), the gold standard in legal fee structures has been the billable hour. You call your lawyer, that’s a .2. You have them draft a letter, that’s a 1.2. The billable hour fee structure often works great within the context of a more predictable case where it’s a little easier to predict an outcome. In situations where an unruly claimant drags their feet, a billable fee structure may not be your best option.

During the economic turmoil of the last few years, many business and companies have looked at alternative means for billing in order to provide predictability for their accounting departments (as well as ways to cut corners). A popular solution and means to accomplish this is a fee structure known as a “flat rate” fee structure. Flat rate billing within this sort of structure operates by negotiating the total cost of representation up front. Of course there are a host of options available concurrently. Perhaps you’d like to pay for everything right up to a hearing? Perhaps you just need someone to mediate on your behalf? By remaining flexible, our firm is absolutely willing to sit down with your company and figure out a fee structure that best fits your businesses needs.

The primary reason these alternative fee structures have become so popular is that not all clients have the same problem, and obviously not all clients’ needs are best met with the same fee structure. At the Rock Law Firm we recognize this. By providing individualized payment plans for each client, our firm works with your to find a solution that best suits your respective needs. If you’re interested in learning more about how a flat rate fee structures could benefit your business, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!