Old Dog Claim Got You Down? Try Mediation!

Mediation can be a particularly useful form of non-adversarial dispute resolution.

We have all seen these cases. You know, the ones that simply won’t close despite the best efforts of a Grade A defense firm. Some cases can take years to finally go away, costing a significant amount of money in the process. Well, there’s hope: Mediation.

Mediation provides a civil environment in which parties can give settling their dispute a go without the proverbial “rolling of the die” at a hearing. What does this mean to you? Greater control of your claim with less risk of a large, unexpected decision at hearing. Mediation can be held for particular issues, such as agreeing upon particular medical issues, or even for the purpose of settlement.

Mediation can be a useful tool in a variety of circumstances even outside of mitigating the possibility of an unfavorable decision by the board. Mediation often times serves the useful function of bringing the expectations of a wayward-claimant back down to earth. With the proliferation of mega-suits in the news, claimants often expect that their claim may be worth millions, and intend to litigate until that end has been achieved. Well, a Workers’ Compensation claim is not a means to extreme wealth. An effectively handled Workers’ Compensation should get people back on the job quickly, while aiding their proper rehabilitation in the process. When this process has slowed to a halt, mediation can be just to tool to keep things moving forward!

Stay tuned for our next article that will detail exactly what to expect during the mediation process as well as useful tips for getting prepared for the process.